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Hallways, kitchens, living rooms, any space in your home is an opportunity to welcome style, colour, and elegant design into your life through quality interior decor. Artwork Downunder’s range of natural and contemporary decor will assist you in transforming your home into a showpiece to be admired. Gratifying colours, shapes and lines will welcome you home each day and provide an inviting interior for you, your family, and friends to enjoy. The perfect decor can transform a dull room into a vibrant, pulsating area that is a visual pleasure and a space that inspires. The interior decor of your home should also always have a foundation of decorative pieces that reflect your personal style and create a positive impression of your values and taste.

Many people think primarily about comfort when decorating their home and neglect the importance of style in their interior decor. Yet by simply placing a few beautiful pieces of art strategically throughout the home, your home can boast both comfort and style in a synergy that will be a source of enduring pride. To decorate your home in a style that will bring you joy, it is important to consider what theme or emotion you'd like to project, and what you would like to experience when you or your guests enter your home. Do you long for a relaxing environment that is your personal retreat from the chaotic world? Or would you prefer a living area that is vivacious, alluring, and fresh? Selecting interior decor that matches your mood and style can effortlessly convert your home into a haven that matches your desire.

We have provided a few helpful ideas to assist you in choosing the perfect pieces of art for your homes decor.


Firstly, it is essential that your interior decor is reflected from the very entrance, as this is the space where first impressions are always made, and where the ambience of your home will first greet you. A unique art piece that welcomes you and your guests, and which sets the theme for your home, should be the first thing that meets the eye as you enter. An original contemporary Aboriginal painting, a pair of decorative masks, or a small to medium sized sculpture placed at eye level are examples of decor that work well to create a positive impression in entryways.

Hallways are an ideal area for displaying striking pieces of art but are often neglected and not utilized to their full potential. Hallways are clean palettes of open space which assists in guiding the viewer’s attention to the art.  It is crucial when decorating a hallway that you choose your interior decor according to the lighting of the area. Darker spaces require brighter pieces of art. Medium to large paintings with splashes of colour are the prefect compliment to these areas of the home.

Family and living rooms are generally where you spend most of your time and where the majority of entertaining occurs, and this is where your interior decor style will be particularly reflected. Larger spaces in the home should be anchored with a centerpiece that perfectly exhibits the theme of your interior decor. A captivating Aboriginal painting on a feature wall; a vibrant contemporary glass sculpture; a beautiful hand carved burl that is both functional and decorative; will all bring distinct style to a room and transform it from the ordinary to the superb.

Finally, thoughtful presentation and placement of select pieces of art from the Artwork Downunder collection throughout your home will allow you to maximise the impact that your chosen art has on the space that you have decided to create and on the people that will enjoy it. Situating your existing furniture so that it will showcase your decor is vital to creating the stimulating space that you desire and that you can achieve with striking pieces from the exceptional Artwork Downunder collection.

We know that it is hard trying to locate the perfect piece of art. With so many options available, its often overwhelming. In addition to the unique collection of arts we provide, we have also added a collection of other websites that provide similiar themed arts and decor to assist you in your search.                    - Free Ship, Finest Rugs!                                    


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